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Water Features


We are Specialists into Bringing Water To Life!

Water features can create a sense of place, define traffic patterns, separate areas, beautify stark areas, create a cool setting, create a meeting point, conceal utility areas, highlight special focal points or generate activity.

Water features create a more attractive and appealing environment and can encourage greater use of areas. They add value and ambiance to built environments.

We design, construct, service, and maintain water displays of outstanding creative and technical ingenuity. We specialize in water feature and waterscapes construction that adds value and ambiance in indoor or outdoor settings.

Our professional Water Feature services include:

  • Water effect prototyping services
  • Hydraulic and electrical design and installation
  • Custom-made artwork and sculptures
  • Upgrades and improvements to existing water features
  • Refurbishment of water features
  • Dam/pond aeration systems
  • Floating water features
  • Interactive water features for children
  • Conceptual water feature design
  • Service and maintenance

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